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Interview Tips

Interview Tips (Pre-Interview)

1. Identify Employer Needs: Analyse the job description. Identify and determine the key requirements.

2. How Do You Meet The Needs: Identify your relevant experience, qualifications and skills. Highlight examples or achievements to back this up.

3. Review Your CV: Interview questions are often based on CV content. Be prepared to provide details and expand on key points. Put particular focus on responsibilities, dates and reasons for leaving jobs.

4. Research The Company: Use the internet, company websites, newspapers, current employees or ex-employees. Research company products/services, their competition and their values. Try to access unique information to help you stand out.

5. Prepare Questions To Ask At Interview: It is important to ask questions at interview. This will demonstrate your interest in the job.

6. Role Play: Use interview role play during your preparation. A mock interview can help reduce nerves and help you become more comfortable talking about your achievements.

7. Dress For Success: Look the part. Spend time organising any paperwork you want to bring to the interview (extra CV copies, letters of recommendation, references, performance evaluations and questions).

8. Arrive On Time: Check out company address and parking facilities. Plan your journey.

Some feedback from a few satisfied customers

“Just thought I’d let ya know I’ve secured my first ever teaching job! You’re interview preparation advice and interview tips were priceless! Couldn’t have done it without ya so thanks a million! Regards, Niamh”

“With your willingness to share your knowledge and always think from the employer perspective, I had a clearer approach to the interview process. Now, I am daring to dream as to where I want to be in 5 years time. I really appreciate all your support and help!! Thanks Mary”

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