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Job Interviews | Survey

Job Interviews | Survey

I recently survey 46 companies in Ireland to obtain current info on recruitment processes

Companies surveyed included some of the top employers in Ireland

Here are some of the key findings outlined below

Do you use competency based interviews as part of your process?

83% responded YES (That’s 38 out of 46 companies)

Do you think you will use video interviews more post-COVID?

91% responded YES (That’s 42 out of 46 companies)

How may interview do you typically use the recruit new staff?

1 (11%)

2 (52%)

3 (20%)

4 (11%)

5+ (6%)


You MUST perfect your competency based interviewing skills

You MUST be comfortable interviewing via video

You MUST be able to sustain performance for more that one meeting with the company

INTERVIEWsolutions offer bespoke interview coaching for job seekers to support all types of interviews (competency based interviews, traditional interviews, hybrid interviews, and video interviews)

Paul Mullan is a recognised career coach – media coverage

For more information CONTACT US or call 0871223308