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Job Search Tips | Networking

There are a few important steps before you start worrying about interview preparation

  1. Where do I find jobs?
  2. How do I target jobs?

Many jobs are hidden. In fact, they say 2/3 of jobs are never advertised. This means you won’t see them advertised on job sites or with recruitment agencies

So, how do you access these hidden jobs? BE PROACTIVE!!

Networking is key!!

Below is a short post from my e-book “Laughing all the way to your next job”. I take a fun approach to a serious issue – job hunting. I outline some of the critical mistakes job seekers make when they try to network

My networking is NOT-WORKING….

Mostly because….

I much prefer screen gazing and arse scratching

But, when I do try, I fail because ….

  1. I’m self-obsessed, a real ‘me feiner’
  2. I chase strangers, ignoring my friends
  3. I’m a serial ‘conversation’ killer, asking ‘NO-NO’ questions
  4. I suffer from paralysis by analysis re: my elevator pitch
  5. My head is stuck in the ‘cloud’, ignoring the real world
  6. I’m forgettable, unable to stay on the radar
  7. I make an ASS out of U and ME, assuming people can’t help

Don’t be Like me!!

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