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7 things to AVOID at job interviews

7 things to avoid at job interviews

  • Talking negatively about current (or past) employer: Prepare an answer to the interview question “Why did you leave (are you leaving) your role? If you are leaving because of your boss, perhaps don’t state this, instead focus on what excites you about the role at hand
  • Trying to be professional: People hire people!! You must engage with energy and personality. If your professional equates to being a mannequin, then remember this, mannequins only get jobs in shop windows
  • Thinking too much: This sounds like a strange thing to say, but the more you are thinking the less prepared you are. Bring more structure to your preparation, you will perform better
  • Lying: You will be caught out. Experienced professionals can see through it!!
  • Talking about duties and responsibilities: You are not selling yourself. Duties and responsibilities are boring, and this is what your competition will be listing. Focus on achievements and results, as you will STAND OUT more
  • Playing cool (hard to get): If you don’t come across interested, it’s unlikely you’ll get the job. Many interviewees fear they’ll come across desperate, or it’ll impact salary negotiations. I’d rather risk coming across desperate than being misjudged as not interested
  • A weak finish: It’s the last memory the interviewer will have. Ensure to tell the interviewer(s) you want the job

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