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Common Job Interviews Questions

What do you know about our company?

You MUST torture and punish the poor interviewer(s)

You can easily do this by regurgitating the following boring information you will find on the company website

(a) when the company was founded

(b) number of staff employed

(c) any other boring facts you find on the website

Were you told to answer like this? Sorry, that’s fake news!

Joking aside, this question offers you an excellent opportunity to showcase your interest, and as importantly, and opportunity to make yourself memorable

Are you showcasing your interest?

No, you are not if you only click and read the company ‘about us’ page. NB: all your competition are looking at the ‘about us’. Think outside the box!!

Are you making yourself memorable?

No, you are not if you are only regurgitating ‘about us’ page. Think ABW (Anything But Website). Other useful resources include social media, engaging with your network, or even Googling the company name to find fresh news stories

Final point!! You do need to know the boring stuff on the company website, just in case they specifically ask about it. I’m saying don’t just list this stuff when asked the above question, only stating it if they specifically ask

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