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Garda Interview Preparation

Garda Interview Preparation

To succeed you’ll need
(a) to understand how to structure your answers = STAR or SAR TECHNIQUE
(b) to clearly understand what the interview panel are listening for = FOCUS
(c) to have a simple method to remember your answers during interview = MIND MAPPING

We will give you these three fundamentals to help you succeed

We capture this in a comprehensive 2-hour session
We can facilitate clients nationwide via Zoom | Dublin | Cork | Galway | Limerick

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Paul, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I made it, finally!!! I really appreciate your guidance and support, and can confidently say I wouldn’t have succeeded without you. The interview was challenging, but I was calm. I ensured I used the STAR structure, and more importantly, I focused on showing “THE HOW”. I have to say I found it easy to recall my stories using your mind map technique. I’ll definitely be back when I am on the move again, because the confidence and knowledge this session gave me was invaluable

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