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Interview Preparation Advice

Fail to prepare, prepare to WAFFLE

THINKING is your ENEMY during interview. The more you have to think, the more you will struggle

So, you are asked a question at interview

You don’t have an answer

You need time to think, but FEAR awkward silences

So, you start talk and waffle to buy time

Afterall the little hamster needs to get on the wheel to start your brain

BUT it gets worse….

Mid-answer you think “what question did they ask me?”

Then, post-interview, you do your face palm emoji and think “why did I not say this?”

I’m sure this scenario sounds familiar to many of you

Structured interview preparation will help you

★ It’ll cut the amount of thinking you do at interview

★ It’ll reduce waffling

★ It’ll increase focus

★ It’ll ensure you sell yourself to the MAX

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interview preparation advice
interview preparation advice