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Interview Support | Feedback

Interview Support | Feedback

I wanted to share some of the feedback emails I received from clients over the last few months. I’m so busy working and moving onto the next project that I rarely sit and reflect. But, I have to say it was it made me smile reading back some of the lovely comments

I got offered the 2 positions I was interviewing for. Many thanks for your support, expertise, and overall help with interview prep, it has been incredibly helpful!!

Just to let you know I came second on the panel there was 1 point between me and the 1st person They have offered me a post so delighted with the outcome Thanks again for your help, I would have managed it without you

Your assistance with the Interview Prep was invaluable as I was in a better place. So much so the MD was commenting today while we were announcing my appointment to the finance team that I had interviewed very well for the role

They just rang me and offered me the job. Apparently I did such a good interview that they decided to offer it straight away. Thanks so much again for all your help

Just wanted to let you know that my interview went great. I felt the road maps were brilliant to help me structure my examples, and I feel I was a lot more relaxed going into this interview. I am delighted with the scores I received for my competencies

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