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Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips | Don’t be a ZEBRA

In the wild, a zebra’s stripes are camouflage to hide from predators
At interview, a zebra’s actions and words are camouflage to hide from interviewers

Are you a ZEBRA at interview? Try this quick test

During interview, have you ever….
★ Used answers stolen from the internet?
★ Used big words you do not understand?
★ Described yourself as “team player or problem solver”?
★ Tried to act like an interviewee should?
★ Checked for your pulse to ensure you were still alive?
★ Thought ‘God, I’m boring’?

Answered YES to most of the questions?

If so, congratulations, you’re a ZEBRA

Only expect a call from Dublin Zoo with a job offer

So, at your next interview ….
★ Be AUTHENTIC – Don’t act like the norm, that’s boring
★ Be ALIVE – Don’t make the interviewer worry you’ve a pulse
★ Be PREPARED – Don’t use scripted answers you find online
★ Be UNDERSTOOD – Don’t act like the inventor of scrabble
★ Be SPECIFIC – Don’t use bland clichés
★ Be CONFIDENT – Don’t be embarrassed about your success

And finally, BE YOURSELF. Don’t be a ZEBRA

Paul Mullan is a leading Irish Interview Coach. Paul has helped thousands of clients succeed at interview. Get a free copy of his job search e-book “Laughing all the way to your next job

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