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Local Authority | Council Interviews

Local Authority | County Council

For those that don’t know, you will face Competency Based Interviews as part of any Local Authority or County Councils interview and selection process

It is typically a panel interview, focusing on four key competencies

  1. Personal Effectiveness
  2. Delivering Results
  3. Strategic Management and Change
  4. Performance Through People

Normally, your interview will consist of the following components

  • Introduction: This will be the initial greetings and introductions. The panel will outline the process and content of interview. And, following this, they can throw in a little icebreaker question, like “give me an overview of your CV/background?”
  • Competency Questions: Following the introduction, you will be asked for an example for each of the outlined competencies. Normally, the panel will set aside 5-minutes per competency
  • Knowledge of Organisation | Role: The interview will also assess your knowledge of Local Authority | County Council, and your understanding of the role you are targeting
  • Summary: This is the interview wrap-up phase. The panel will typically ask you if you have any questions or anything else to add. They will also outline next steps in the process

Navigating a competency interview can be tricky, especially when you don’t understand how to structure your answer, or what you should be focusing on saying during your answer

Paul Mullan is a leading interview coach. He has developed a simple and effective programme to help job seekers maximise their performance during competency-based interviews. After only 2-hours you will have acquired the know-how and tools to succeed, but, more importantly, you will be brimming with confidence

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