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Not So Difficult Job Interview Questions

Not So Difficult Job Interview Questions | Why do you want to work for us?

Point 1: It’s NOT a game of SCRABBLE. So, you don’t get extra points for big and fancy words. Keep your answers simple and sincere

Point 2: It’s like a blind date. So, flattery will get you everywhere. Make the interviewer feel that you have chosen their role/company for a reason

Point 3: It’s not a lie detector test. That said, try to find honest and sincere reasons. Even though we all know those FREE canteens aren’t really FREE

Point 4: Be authentic!! A ‘Google Search’ is no friend of authenticity. An interviewer will know when you a regurgitating a question that you found on the internet

Point 5: Words without meaning. Come on, put a bit of passion into it!! Remember the song “It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it”

BE WARNED: This question carries a lot of weight. It’s a hidden question to check your INTEREST

If the interviewer doesn’t think you are interested, there’ll be NO ‘FREE’ CANTEEN (that’s a call back)

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