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Online Job Interview Skills

How to Ace Online Job Interviews | Video Interviews

Understand the employer needs – Quite simple, know the job specification. And, know how you meet the criteria outlined on the job specification

Know your CV – This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many mock interviews I conduct where my client can’t competently answer simple questions around their CV

Be able to answer the common interview questions – There are half a dozen questions that are no-brainers. These questions will come up during 9 out of 10 job interviews, know them!!

Work hard to build rapport with the interviewer(s) – If the interviewer(s) like you, there’s a good chance they may hire you. Personality fit is a critical pillar for any hiring decision. BE LIKED, GET HIRED!

Work hard to demonstrate your interest – High energy and enthusiasm is a MUST. Likewise, being able to navigate interview questions that are assessing your interest e.g., what do you know about our company

Look into the camera when talking – This will give the interviewers(s) the impression that you are looking at them. This will help paint a more positive picture during interview

Cheat notes on the wall behind the camera – It’s more natural eye movement to look at notes situated on your eyeline. Don’t look down at notes located on your desk

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