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Tips for Job Interviews

Tips for Job Interviews

Strong communication skills are key for success at interview, both verbal and non-verbal. There has been so much written about communications, particularly non-verbal, that it overwhelms many job seekers. This can have negative implications on interview performance

My advice is KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

Below is a short post from my e-book “Laughing all the way to your next job”

It’s a fun post, but I think you’ll the message…..

Sit on your hands during interview

The funniest piece of interview advice I’ve ever heard

Focusing on hands, NOT focusing on

  1. Questions being asked
  2. Your answers and selling yourself
  3. Building rapport with the interviewer
  4. Communicating enthusiasm, energy + interest

Body language is critical (55% of comms is non-verbal)

BUT, don’t over complicate an already pressurised situation

Concentrate on a few basics

  1. Be yourself (if we’re not a good fit, better we know now)
  2. Firm handshake and confident greeting
  3. Good eye contact
  4. Most importantly, a big SMILE!

And, finally, DON’T sit on your hands, you’ll get pins and needles

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