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Difficult Job Interview Questions

Do you have any questions?

Most interviews will end with the interviewer(s) asking if you have anything to add or any final questions. That said, 100% of my clients struggle to answer this common question

My advice = you should NEVER ask any questions…

Wait, let me finish… unless you have real or meaningful questions

There is NO SUCH THING as a “right” question to ask during a job interview. Your questions must have a purpose, otherwise you are wasting time for you and the interviewer(s)

You MUST avoid asking generic questions you find online! If you Google “questions to ask at interview”, then don’t ask these questions e.g., Describe a typical workday? The employer will be wondering if you read the job description. Plus, the interviewer(s) will know you are asking questions for the sake of it

ONLY ask real or meaningful questions. DON’T ask questions for the sake of it

If you don’t have any meaningful questions, then DON’T ask any questions! Simply thank the interviewer(s), highlight your interest, and gracefully exit the interview room!

NB: Contrary to popular belief, you can ask about salary if it’s important to you. BUT, I find, quite often salary is not the main motivation for my clients. And, if that’s the case, let the topic of salary arise organically

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