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Job Interview Coaching Tips

JOB INTERVIEW COACHING TIPS – Communicating Your Interest!!

Interviewers are assessing a number of key areas during a job interview – (a) can you do the job and (b) can you fit in. Another critical area they’ll want to find out – (c) your interest levels. If there’s any doubt about your interest, you won’t get hired – simple! Most job seekers are too focused on answering questions during interview, failing to communicate their interest to the interviewer.

So, how do they assess your interest?


Recruiters will use hidden questions to assess interest. There are 3 or 4 key questions that’ll come up during most interviews, listed below. NB: Remember, it’s not what you say when answering these questions, it’s how you say it.

What do you know about our company?
Do you have any questions?
Why attracts you to our role?
Why do you want to work for our company?


Recruiters will be gauging your energy and reading body language during a job interview.

You shouldn’t have to tell someone that you love your profession, you’re really excited about their role, or you’re really excited about the prospect of working at their company. They should be able to read this in your body language and your energy during a job interview. Be conscious of this during your job interviews.

Paul Mullan is a leading Irish Job Interview Coach. Paul offers a wide range of job interview coaching services, great interview tips and solid interview coaching advice. He prepares clients for competency based interviews and traditional job interviews. Paul supports a nationwide client base, from offices in Dublin.