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Why do you want to work for us?

Many interviewees fear this question. However, it’s not as difficult to navigate as you think!! Below is a fun approach to prepare, with a serious message!!! Take onboard these key points to ensure you ace this question at your next job interview.

IMPORTANT: It’s NOT a game of SCRABBLE. You don’t get extra points for big words

NB: Keep your answer succinct, and use simple language

IMPORTANT: It’s like a blind date. So, flattery will get you everywhere

NB: You are trying to impress!!

IMPORTANT: Be authentic. A ‘Google Search’ is no friend of authenticity

NB: Answers from the internet are bland

IMPORTANT: It’s not a lie detector test. That said, try to find honest and sincere reasons

NB: Pick real reasons e.g., specific elements of the job that attract you

IMPORTANT: Words without meaning. Come on, put a bit of passion into it!!

NB: Deliver this answer with energy and meaning!!

BE WARNED: This question is a hidden question to check your INTEREST

NO INTEREST = NO ‘FREE’ CANTEEN (that’s a call back)

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Paul Mullan is a recognised interview coach. Paul brings high energy and expert knowledge to his session. His mantra is “keep it SIMPLE”. So, he’ll break things down into easy to understand and easy to execute.

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