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Public Sector | Competency Based Interviews

Public Sector Interviews

We have helped hundreds of clients navigate Public Sector Competency Based Interviews, both external entrants and internal promotions. We take the FEAR out of competency-based interviews by arming clients with knowledge and simple strategies to succeed

Competency Based Interview Programme

Our success is achieved via the delivery of a simple interview coaching programme. We have distilled my process into a few simple criteria for success, and would teach you

  • How to structure competency-based answer
  • What the interview panel are really listening for within your examples
  • How to build easy-to-remember answers using mind maps
  • Some secrets to successfully navigate online video interviews
  • How to simply answer interview intro and exit questions

Our approach is really appreciated by our clients. We keep it simple, have zero jargon, maintain upbeat delivery, and provide concise take-away notes

We cater for all levels

  • CO | Clerical Officer
  • EO | Executive Officer
  • AO | Administrative Officer
  • HEO | Higher Executive Officer
  • AP | Assistant Principal Officer
  • PO | Principal Officer

Interview Coaching can help you navigate job interviews. It can improve confidence and knowledge, arming you with the key tools to succeed. Contact us now for more info or to book an appointment