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A Certain Job Interview Question

Talk me through your CV?

Which character are you? Slick Rick, Modest Mary….

I start all mock interviews with the above question. I love it, and especially the replies and reactions I receive. I have characters to define my typical responses and replies

Mr Rabbit = frozen in the headlights

The Interrogator = asks me ‘where should I start?’

The Literalist = recalls every detail of life from birth

Slick Rick = well-rehearsed, but read wrong playbook

Modest Mary = humbly tiptoes through answer

The Blind Ant = lively, but zero direction

You don’t want to be one of these characters, only superheroes will succeed

So, let me turn you into CAPTAIN MARVEL

These four words will give you superpowers ….

STRUCTURED: Headline, relevant qualifications, relevant experience

SUCCINCT: Use a mind map and bullet points, not thesis

RELEVANT: Use the job specification to guide what you say

IMPACTFUL: Showcase success, DON’T hold back!!

This question is a certainty at job interviews, a bit like death and taxes

It’s an open question, BUT you MUST take control of your answer

You MUST PREPARE!! Don’t try to build an answer during your job interview. It won’t end well

Remember, a strong start will make a great 1st impression, and a strong start will build confidence to help you perform for the duration of the interview

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