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Principal Officer | Competency Based Interviews | Training

Principal Officer | Competency Based Interviews | Training

  • Are you sinking in a sea of paper and notes?
  • Are you unsure if your examples match the competencies?
  • Do you feel that you are just waffling?
  • Are you frustrated? Can do the job but can’t get the message across!
  • Have you read about STAR but don’t get it?

These are all normal, don’t worry, we can HELP!!

Our Simple 3-Step Programme for Competency Based Interviews will

  • Teach you how to structure your competency answers
  • Educate you re: what the interview panel is listening for
  • Teach you how to build simple answers using mind mapping

I was placed No.2 on the panel. Thank you!! Our session was excellent!! I was confident when I finished our session, and I was confident when I sat in front of the panel. You said these interviews were a lot easier that I thought, I now believe you!

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We prepare clients for all Public Sector roles: Principal Officer | PO, Assistant Principal | AP, Higher Executive Officer | HEO, Administrative Officer | AO, Executive Officer | EO, Clerical Officer | CO

Below are the key Principal Officer Level Competencies

  • Leadership & Strategic Direction
  • Judgment & Decision Making
  • Management & Delivery of Results
  • Building Relationships & Communication
  • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
  • Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values

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