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Interview Coaching

Tips for Job Interviews

Tips for Job Interviews Strong communication skills are key for success at interview, both verbal and non-verbal. There has been so much written about communications, particularly non-verbal, that it overwhelms many job seekers. This can have negative implications on interview… Read More »Tips for Job Interviews

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips | Don’t be a ZEBRA In the wild, a zebra’s stripes are camouflage to hide from predatorsAt interview, a zebra’s actions and words are camouflage to hide from interviewers Are you a ZEBRA at interview? Try this… Read More »Job Interview Tips

STAR | Interview Training

STAR | Interview Training Our STAR interview coaching will help you (a) Understand the basic principles of STAR (b) Understand how to structure your answers (b) Understand what the interview panel are listening for within your examples (c) Understand how… Read More »STAR | Interview Training

Competency Interviews Uncovered

Competency Interviews Competency Interviews are a common style of interview, especially when targeting public sector and HSE jobs. That said, many private sector clients use this format, particularly US multinationals. Knowledge is the key to successfully navigating competency interviews. Common competencies used… Read More »Competency Interviews Uncovered