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Tips for Job Interviews

Tips for Job Interviews Strong communication skills are key for success at interview, both verbal and non-verbal. There has been so much written about communications, particularly non-verbal, that it overwhelms many job seekers. This can have negative implications on interview… Read More »Tips for Job Interviews

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips | Don’t be a ZEBRA In the wild, a zebra’s stripes are camouflage to hide from predatorsAt interview, a zebra’s actions and words are camouflage to hide from interviewers Are you a ZEBRA at interview? Try this… Read More »Job Interview Tips

Job Interviews | Survey

Job Interviews | Survey I recently survey 46 companies in Ireland to obtain current info on recruitment processes Companies surveyed included some of the top employers in Ireland Here are some of the key findings outlined below Do you use… Read More »Job Interviews | Survey